We Offer Full Service Residential Design for Remodels or New Construction

We focus on the interior built environment of the home; wall placement, finishes, fixtures, cabinetry, millwork and lighting.


Our Process

1. Strategize & Devise a Plan of Action

Our detailed and customized intake process has been honed over years of experience to help you sort through your mountain of ideas to come up with a cohesive plan and design aesthetic.

2. Solve Problems & Find Opportunities

We specialize in bringing fresh ideas and clarity to those especially difficult spaces, like the vintage kitchen that has 5 doors but no counters. This could be for one room, like a kitchen or bath, or looking at the house as a whole to see how we can make the spaces function better.

We'll find hidden opportunities for storage or improved function. We’ll bring in and collaborate with a licensed engineer to move load-bearing walls, change or add exterior windows and doors and for small additions.

For new construction, we can collaborate with your architect to handle the interiors so they can focus on the structure.

3. Choose Finishes & Pull It All Together

We'll guide you through the mountain of choices that need to be made for your remodel in a clear, step-by-step fashion to prevent overwhelm. We'll assist you with:

Your selection of interior finishes and fixtures.

Design of cabinetry, detailed storage, and interior millwork.

Helping you feel confident in your choices by showing you exactly how everything will look together in a 3D model.

4. Create the Plans to Get it Built

We'll deliver:

Clear, detailed construction or permit plans.

Interior specifications for interior finishes and fixtures.

Everything organized and in one place to minimize surprises, delays, and questions during construction.

5. Follow-Through During Construction

We are here to be your advocate during construction. This means being on-site to answer questions or problem-solve as issues arise to keep the project moving forward and assure the design intent is being upheld.


Do you work with a particular contractor?

We’re independent and can work with your contractor if you have one, or make suggestions for excellent contractors that we’ve worked within the past.

Are you an architect?

No, I’m an interior designer who specializes in the built-in components of the home. We are able to make structural changes by collaborating with a licensed Structural Engineer to cover those areas and include the details, calculations, and stamped plans necessary for construction and permits.

Do you do furniture?

Although we don’t include soft furnishings in our menu of services, we can include general furniture layouts in our plans to help you with placement and sizes.

How long will the design process take?

This varies from project to project depending on the size and complexity. We’ll give you an estimate based on your project.