“We enjoyed working with Betsy on our basement and bathroom remodel for many reasons.  She was fun to work with and easy to relate to, making communications a breeze.  She did a great job of interpreting our ideas and wishes for our project, and bringing them to life.  She was able to work out the challenges in a behind-the-scenes way so that we were left with a realistic expectation of what was possible, and without the headaches of figuring out how to get there.  We plan to work with Betsy on our next project and highly recommend her.”

Jennifer and David Murphy

“I love working with Betsy.  She is knowledgeable about materials, has a great sense of style and color theory, has great suggestions, and was really good at honing in on the descriptions about my desired end result.”

Keri M. Handaly, Community Watershed Steward

“It was a real pleasure working with Betsy on the reconstruction of our kitchen.  She understood our priorities, helped us develop a realistic design budget, and found ways to create usable space that would never have occurred to us.  She also has excellent taste and was able to set us right in a tactful way when we’d get carried away.   During construction, if questions arose about the drawings (which is bound to happen when you’re completely rebuilding a kitchen) she was there.  In general she worked very well with our builders to help keep things moving on schedule and on budget.  It was great having a designer that we had complete confidence in. If we ever have another remodeling job she’s the first person we’ll call.”

Sylvia Lurie

“My wife and I worked with Betsy on a recent 1947 ranch home remodel.  We really wanted to improve the flow of the house, it had a lot of small rooms, the kitchen was pretty much a hallway and there was no Master Bedroom to speak of.

We had previously hired another architect, who listened to what our ideas were and what we wanted to accomplish, but really didn’t give us something that surprised us.  Betsy, on the other hand, listened and then gave us what we wanted in a way that I could not have envisioned.  After a couple iterations we had exactly what we were looking for. The interior of the house is exactly what we were looking for, while the updated exterior stays within the existing aesthetic of the neighborhood.  

We couldn’t be happier in the house and get comments all the time on how it turned out.

If we ever did another project like this, we would not look any further than Betsy.”

Mark Cartier / Debra Weekley

“It’s been a pleasure working with Betsy on my remodeling project. She is very creative and insightful in helping you design the space you want to create. Betsy is very patient, flexible and thorough in her approach and makes things easy to understand. I really appreciate her thoughtfulness and her desire to give you alternative designs to explore. She is wonderful to work with.”

Tom Meyers, Kitchen remodel and family room addition

“Working with Betsy Brandenburg was amazing!  Betsy was able to walk us through our options to create a plan for a kitchen and bath remodel which stays true to the style of our 1920’s bungalow while meeting the needs of our modern family.  You can trust Betsy; she has your best interests at heart.”

Julia and Stuart, Portland, OR

“My husband and I hired Betsy to put together a design for our kitchen / bathroom / laundry room remodel.  She came up with a perfect idea for the overall layout, had a number of great ideas for details, and suggested some great finishes.

Her attention to detail is wonderful, maximizing every inch of space in our 1932 house, and her detailed plans and schedules made it easy to get multiple bids.

We were so happy with her work that we hired her again when we remodeled our basement and garage.  In that project, she did it again, suggesting a completely different layout that we hadn’t thought of, that we ended up going with.

We have recommended her to our friends and would do so again in a heartbeat, and will hire her again ourselves for future projects.”

Sonya and Mac Murrett

“Betsy Brandenburg helped us reinvent the kitchen in our 1921 bungalow in North Portland.  Her design married our goals of convenience and character giving us a comfortable space with contemporary features while staying true to its Craftsman roots.  As the design process evolved, she diplomatically asked the right questions at the right time.  -It turned out beautifully and has really changed the way we live in our house.  I look forward to working with her again!”

Angela Bowden

“I have enjoyed working with Betsy on a couple projects, each time she has responded with timeliness and in a manner that showed she really understood the unique needs of each design challenge. Her input was insightful and the spaces she designed were beautiful. I also appreciated the fact that she responded to any question, no matter how big or small, promptly and instructively; she has taught me a lot long the way. Best of all, Betsy is fun to work with!”

-Satisfied Homeowner

“I worked with Betsy to select the interior finishes for my kitchen/bathroom remodel. As the Architect on the project, I looked to Betsy to provide her insight on materials, colors and those details that someone who has a lot of experience working on older homes can provide. Her input was invaluable and the resulting spaces are beautiful to be in. I can’t thank Betsy enough for all that she did for my home!”

Julie Proksch

“As a full time working mom with three small kids, Betsy was a critical and collaborative partner in our home remodel. Creating renderings and drawings of our space, taking into account our personality, style and “tear sheet” ideas, she hit the nail on the head with regard to interpreting our sometimes vague direction and ideas into a reality. Betsy was a true partner and catered to our style and pace: she would narrow down fixture options, for example, and was engaged and proactive in options and solutions. I loved that Betsy would also offer solutions to things that I didn’t even know I wanted, promising me that the adds would become things I couldn’t live without and she was 100% right.

My husband and I both loved working with Betsy and without hesitation, would hire her again for any remodeling / creative needs.”

Erica & Basil Bullard
September 2010

“My wife and I bought a condo in Vancouver, Washington that was to be built at a site we loved with a view we knew would be spectacular. We were very disappointed, however, when we received the proposed floor plan as it didn’t take advantage of the view or of its true square footage. We tried many different floor plans of our own but were always thwarted by the “load bearing walls”. My brother-in-law told us to “bite the bullet” and hire a professional space designer. The people who helped him with his condo in San Francisco suggested a young woman who had just moved to our area, Betsy Brandenburg. She looked at our home, looked at the condo floor plan and our feeble attempts to “correct” it and listened to all we said we wanted and didn’t want. We were nearly discouraged enough to take the plan the builders were offering, but she came back with three potential plans, all of which incorporated everything we wanted without disturbing a single load bearing wall. We were, and I am still, stunned – and delighted! Not only did the builders approve her plan, they asked if they could use it in the unit below us!

As the building neared completion, we asked if she knew an interior designer. When she said she was interested, we jumped at the chance to hire her. Again, she looked at our home, listened to everything we wanted and didn’t want, and worked closely with my wife on choosing everything from paint colors to wall switches to art, carpets and woodwork. She never dictated, but always sought to reconcile our sometimes disparate tastes with each other, convenience, cost factors and the overall impression we wanted to convey.

My wife passed away unexpectedly after living here just two years, but Betsy knows enough about what she wanted and her preferences that she’s been able to help me with the finishing touches; and without leaving me out of the process.”

Bill Froman, very satisfied Vancouver condo owner.